‘Show Up For Me’: The Most Tweetable Lines From Last Night’s ‘Scandal’


Season 3, Episode 7: “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie”

Watching TV with Twitter may be as awesome as Jake’s “More wine?” zinger from this season’s second episode. It’s a 140-character fest with friends and followers who share equal amounts of hate for Quinn and Papa Pope (Do we even have to mention our love for Head Gladiator In Charge, Liv?). Furthermore, it’s the e-notepad onto which we regurgitate the snarkiest (or most emo) lines from Shonda Rhimes’ excellently crafted script—insta-quotables that live on even past that night’s episode.

This week, as Liv leads the Olivia Pope Agency squad down a rabbit hole to chase her mother’s ghost (no spoilers here, kids), we caught a glimpse of how Mellie became, well, Mellie. Here, the dropped character bombs that lead the way. —Niki McGloster

Photo Credits: ABC