Scooter Braun Projects Signs Martin Garrix


Scooter Braun Projects has signed 17-year-old producer and DJ, Martin Garrix to step up their EDM roster.

The young beatmaker who produced hit dance music record, “Animals,” is expected to release a handful of singes and make two appearances in the US, Billboard reports.

“There was just something about the charisma and his personality that really shined through to me,” Michael Braun Projects’ agent Michael George says. “When I went home, we Skyped and – I’ll never forget – he came on Skype and said to me, ‘Bro, bro! I’ve had this melody in my head, I couldn’t sleep! I need to send you the song!’ And he sent me the demo version of ‘Animals.’”

Michael Braun adds: “We started our EDM department because I believe in Michael George. I spent the first three months flying him all over the country thinking, this guy’s just partying. Then he came back and he had a vision with this kid, Martin. I would never have gotten into EDM this early if Mike didn’t look at me and say that’s what he loves. Mike brought Martin and Spinnin into our lives and I couldn’t be more grateful and more proud of that.”

SBP, who handles Justin Bieber, does not intend to limit themselves to any one genre. “Any of my young managers who come into the company – if they have a belief in something, I want to back that belief blindly,” Braun says. “We’re always looking for greatness.”