Sevyn Streeter “Call Me Crazy, But…” Hotline With VIBE Vixen Part III


Hands up, who has ever cheated in a relationship? Come on, be honest. Well, Sevyn Streeter, Angela Yee, RaVaughn, and our own Vibe Vixen Editor, Deena Campbell, sat down with a group of ladies for part III of Sevyn’s “Call Me Crazy, But…” hotline to discuss the pros and cons of cheating with your S.O.

Press play to find out what these women have to say about love and relationships, and then share your story with Sevyn, and see what advice she has to give, by calling 773-43-CRAZY. Sevyn will also be hosting exclusive live chats on the hotline with a bunch of other artists and celebrities, so check back with us every week for the first look at video clips and chat details!

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