‘SNL’ Pokes Fun of Kanye West and Kardashians


Just wait until Kanye West catches wind of this past Saturday’s Saturday Night Live. Expect an onslaught of angry, all caps tweets.

Hosted by Lady Gaga, SNL poked fun of the self-described creative genius and his partner Kim Kardashian during a sketch titled Waking Up With Kimye. SNL cast member Jay Pharoah, who is known for his uncanny impersonation of President Barack Obama, mimicked West to the tee. (If you just listen to the sketch, you wouldn’t be able to tell Pharoah’s voice from that of West’s.)

“What better way to start off your morning than with our energy, my opinions and the sound of Kim’s voice?” asks Pharoah as West. Waking Up With Kimye becomes a West one-man show with him continuously one-uping his baby mama throughout the sketch. Lady Gaga, who , also shows up in the sketch playing a Genius from the Apple Store Genius Bar. West ain’t too happy about that title.

West has been known to go off after being made the butt of a joke. This past September, he went on a Twitter tirade after late night host Jimmy Kimmel spoofed his interview with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe using small children. After some heated back and forth, the ordeal ended with a truce and Kanye’s appearance in Kimmel’s hot seat. — Charley Rogulewski

Watch the SNL Waking Up With Kimye parody below.