Solange Discusses ‘Saint Heron’ Compilation Album, Record Label And Relating To Cash Money

Solange recently put another feather in her cap by taking the wheel at her own Saint Heron record label. To celebrate the new venture, she also released a Saint Heron compilation album boasting features from Jhene Aiko, Cassie and Jade De LaFleur, generating a nice little buzz for the Brooklyn resident’s start-up. She recently chatted with Billboard to discuss her new label, how she plucked the artists for her musical mash-up and how her family could relate to Cash Money and No Limit Records.

“It’s so, so weird. I have to say, actually, my dad sent me a text and said he had read me mentioning how great an influence he was for me growing up,” he said. “A lot of performers think of the homegrown success stories of No Limit or Cash Money, and our family was sort of in that same place in terms of literally my father leaving his corporate America job and reading, researching and studying everything he could get his hands on to really learn how to navigate the business and became incredibly gifted at it.

She continues, “And I was there the whole time, and for whatever reason took this late interest in it myself. And you know, as many labels as I’ve been with, anyone can attest to the general interest in wanting to really have weight on the process. And asking as many questions as I can. The individual experience I had at all three labels inspired me to shape and mold the shape I’ve had.”

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