Spike Lee Is Still Trying To Bring ‘Do The Right Thing’ To Broadway

When Spike Lee released the critically acclaimed film Do The Right Thing in 1989, the world was exposed to the racial tensions going on in Brooklyn, New York. For years after the movie debuted in theaters, the work of art was referenced as one of the most accurate depictions of racism in America’s backyard. Well, for the hip-hop generations that weren’t even born when the film was released, the youth will be able to experience the flick in real life (hopefully).

Vulture: Do the Right Thing is coming to Broadway — when? Would you want to be onstage yourself?
Spike Lee: No. Mookie’s way too old now! You need somebody young to play Mookie. And it’s going to be hard enough to direct it without trying to be in it, too. It’s a big difference to do that in the theater. And I can’t sing, either. I’m sorry to disappoint you! Can’t do it, won’t do it. So that’s another reason that’s not happening! A lot of people are going to be happy that’s not happening, myself included. [Laughs] But I’m working on it now, so hopefully it’ll come to fruition. We’re in serious talks, but it’s still very early. I think it’ll take about a year. I’m not going to put a date on it, but it’s not going to be “years” with a “s” on it.

via Vulture