Stars Behind Bars: Orange Is The New Black’s Selenis Leyva


Far from a nuance to the small screen, it’s highly unlikely that you’ve channel-flipped over this Bronx actress.

Before home was confined to iron-clad bars, Selenis Leyva attributed her success to playing it safe on the other side of the law (carrying roles as detectives and other textbook Samaritans under her belt). Surrendering her freedom and girly customs for the life of a rugged khaki- jumpsuit-wearing cook, was the last costume change to catapult her into stardom. Floating amidst our Brooklyn oasis, the polished, good-natured actress couldn’t be more of the antithesis to Gloria.

But just like any good girl gone bad, there are perks!

Even if you didn’t see it coming, Gloria taking Red’s precious chef spot on the hit series, Orange Is the New Black, gripped the story line for a dramatic and unexpected turn; in the best way possible. All of a sudden, there’s a new sheriff in town, crown snatching her way into the spotlight. And she’s doing it all barefaced, masking a killer curvaceous figure that stunned our Vixen team throughout a 9 hour session of dress up.

Maybe it’s her modest fight to the top or a genial aura that exudes, but it’s safe to say that the 5’5 Latina vet has this whole take no prisoner attitude down pact – or perhaps she’s more like Gloria than we think.

Selenis channels just enough sass and strength to breeze through a life sentence or whatever comes her way in Season 2. The hunger strike is nearly over.


Photo Credit: Geoff Barrenger