Stevie J’s Baby Momma, Carol Antoinette Bennett, Speaks Out On Stevie’s Lack of Child Support Payments

stevie-jThe allegations that Steve A. Jordan, known on VH1?s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta as Stevie J, owing $1.28 million in child support are continuing to unfold. Jordan has two children, aged 14 and 16, with his ex fiancé Carol Antoinette Bennett, a former music executive. Bennett says that after they broke up in 1999, she put him on child support–and he’s been skipping payments since it was first ordered. Bennett says that to date he’s missed 168 payments.

Meanwhile, he’s on TV living it up!
“When the show first came on, it was tough for us,” she said. “But we have a good foundation. I’ve been working since I was 14 years old. I’m not going to wait for anything from him. I will take care of my children by any means necessary. As a parent, that’s what should be done. However, the responsibility should not be solely on me. His responsibility should not fall on me. I don’t want him arrested; I just want him to support his children.”
Bennett says it’s been difficult to collect on child support because Stevie J has moved out of state since child support was first ordered. He’s also managed to dodge the system. Two arrest warrants for nonpayment of child support, issued in 2008 and 2010, mysteriously disappeared. She even received a statement at one point, stating he owed $0—when in fact he owed $1.28 million. Because of this, she’s no longer relying on the state of New York for help. Project Child Support is now investigating to uncover and collect any assets Jordan has, including any companies that are being used as a financial shelter. “The system isn’t set up to deal with and garnish wages from people who aren’t on a structured payroll system and entrepreneurs,” Bennett comments.
Kai D. Patterson, the head of Project Child Support says that in 2007, Stevie J reported his income as $54,763. Out of that money, only $35.53 was garnished, for the entire year, to support his two children. In 2009, $5,035.64 was paid involuntarily through child support. Steebie J’s alleged income reported for the year? Zero!
As of October 25, Patterson and Bennett said that they were able to recover two payments totaling $18,566.14. However, these payments weren’t voluntary—they were forcibly seized from the reality star’s bank accounts.
As his ex continues to struggle for child support payments, Stevie J’s net worth is said to be an estimated $5 million. This case could end up being historical, as Bennett’s battle with her baby daddy is far from unique. “Deadbeat moms and dads represent about 49% of monies owed to the federal government for subsidy programs like welfare for kids. Sadly, only about 60% of deadbeat parents pay up, which costs taxpayers billions,” says a November 5, 2012 story from
Photo Credit: VH1

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