Stevie J’s Baby Momma, Carol Antoinette Bennett, Speaks Out On Stevie’s Lack of Child Support Payments

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“If the system can enable a high profile celebrity, with known sources of income, to get away with skipping out on child support, then what choices to other parents have?” Bennett asks.
James A. Dow, an attorney for Bennett says that this is “a disgrace” and points out that Jordan has had “numerous opportunities” to voluntarily pay up; “to do what it is right for his children” but “refuses” to pay child support. In fact, Patterson reports that there have been countless court proceedings where neither Stevie J nor his attorneys have bothered to make an appearance.
Tiffany Stewart, another attorney for Bennett, pointed out:
It’s important to know that Carol Antoinette Bennett is the sole provider for these children, and she’s one of millions in this situation. It takes a lot of bravery and courage to speak out and share this story. At the end of the day, these children need support, or they’re relying on public assistance programs when their parents don’t step up to the plate. It’s not just Stevie J. He’s one of many.”
We asked Stevie J and his manager if Stevie J had anything to say about the situation. Stevie J’s response? “God bless her.”
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