Taryn Manning: Tearin’ It Up


Taryn Manning-polaroid-collage

This has to be one of your most successful gigs to date.
It’s a different type of format of a show. I think the platform is super unique and I think that lends to why it’s having a different type of success because it’s more accessible to people in their household.

How crazy does Pennsatucky look on paper?
When I first read it, my immediate reaction to my manager was that it would be so much fun because she’s so crazy. But as time went on and some of the content they were writing, I really had some moments of moral conflict between the character and my real beliefs. As Taryn, I’m not racist or anti-gay. She’s a total walking contradiction because she’s religious, but doesn’t like anybody. She’s so radical in her beliefs, so I’ve just committed my heart and self to that fact that it’s just a role.

How do you effectively play a meth addict without actually doing drugs?
They’re some actors out there are stupid. They’re so method that they’ll go try a drug to really feel the feeling and I don’t know if I have time to perhaps overdose or put powder up my nose. There’s actually a lot of documentaries about meth and meth users. There was one I saw recently that went into all the ingredients and that helped me shape sort of why my character’s so crazy because if she’s been using this drug for as long as she has…I have the list in my phone. I’ll read it to people just to trip them out. It’s everything from Drano to ammonia and brake cleaner.