Taryn Manning: Tearin’ It Up



Photo Credit: Jasmine L. Gonzalez

Religion is a big part of Pennsatucky’s life. What are your beliefs?
One very cool thing about playing this role is because of all the research that I did like going to church. I’d been to church my whole life, but I’m not a Christian. But, in doing this, I’ve gotten more connected to God, so there’s been a source that speaks to me. I’ve always been very spiritual and even with my friends I can get kind of preachy and on one about whatever it is I believe in, so it’s funny that I ended up with this role.

Have you seen any of the memes floating around?
I see them everywhere. I think it’s hilarious. I saw a Miley Cyrus one before I knew about all the [VMA] controversy. But, I give it up to her. I respect people who have courage and whether the world agrees with it or not, I still love that she’s committed to the ratchet pop thing she’s doing.

Do you relate in any way to your character?
I do. I feel one way I relate to her is that she’s kind of ostracized and left out in a way and I can relate to being around a big group of women. Even junior high, I can remember having a lot of friends, but there was always somebody wanting to bully somebody. This role has shown me so much and inspired me to want to go speak to youth about feeling that way. I mean, she brings it on herself because she’s such an asshole (laughs), but at the same time, I feel like I’ve found the compassion in her and there’s something deeper going on with her. Slowly she gets broken down and realizes she’s not as tough as she thinks she is.