Taryn Manning: Tearin’ It Up


Photo Credit: Nicholas Nichols

You’re often described as being a victim of typecasting. Do you think that’s why people assume so much about your personal life?
I think the misconceptions come from the roles I play. Typecasting is a real deal thing and I don’t mind it. Sometimes I’ve been frustrated, but honestly I think people would trip out if they knew how different I was from the roles I play. I’ve been told I’m pretty intelligent and well read and spoken and a really hard worker. I love animals and family’s number one to me. And I’m actually really mellow and into chanting and meditating in Buddhism. Some of the girls on the show, their friends ask them, “So that one chick on the show, is she just nuts in real life.” That’s interesting to me because I’m shy in real life, but grateful that when the camera goes on and someone yells “action,” something comes out of me. All egos and fear are put aside.

Is there such thing as a good typecast?
I think there is such thing as a good typecast. I remember there was a time in my career where I became very frustrated. I was in my mid twenties and I started to turn roles down, but then there was no work. And I ended up doing a role where I was the girl next door and it was kind of boring and I wanted those colorful, layered characters back. So now I embrace it.