Taryn Manning: Tearin’ It Up



Photo Credit: Jasmine L. Gonzalez

Will you ever do another romantic comedy?
Definitely. Deep down, I’m a total girl. I love love and to fall in love. My heart’s been broken several times and I think I could tap into that side of me and do a really good job.

I see you have your heels with you. What is your personal style?
I don’t care what label it is; it’s cute and I like it (laughs). Anything from like an H&M or lower price point. Obviously, sometimes I put on dresses that are very high end and I get the whole thing just because of the way they fit your body- they’re sensational. I’m so impressed by so many designers. It’s such a hard industry and I had a line for six years, so I have a lot of respect for designers.

It leans toward the casual side. I’m told I’m pretty rock and roll with my style; maybe a little grungy. But, if you put me in a dress and do my hair and make-up- I love it. I’m just lazy sometimes (laughs).

So you’re ok with not wearing a lot of makeup on the OITNB set?
I don’t get any makeup. I get teeth (laughs). I can’t even look in the mirror. I’m “Ok, yup. She looks great.” All of the girls have called it a life changing experience not having makeup or having to worry about a wardrobe. And because of it, everyone’s really dove in, even to the point where I’ve heard little things like “I haven’t shaved my armpits in two months” or “I haven’t gotten a waxing. (laughs)” It’s been liberating.