Things That Might Surprise You About Molly [Video]


In the aftermath of the tragedies experienced at this year’s Electric Zoo, government officials and concert promoters are seeking out options that will prevent such deaths from occurring again including shutting down all future EDM festivals in the city. Though this alternative is highly extreme, a solution must be found to keep EDM enthusiasts looking to have a good time from going overboard, and a progressive resolution can be found in education. Argued by EDM artists and experts alike, if festival patrons were more aware of the effects of designer drugs and its moderation, there would be less chances of overdose.

Media outlet Buzzfeed has put together a short video that goes over the history and effects of MDMA (aka Molly), including its lethal dose and harmful effects. Disclaimer: We are not trying to be all preachy here, but it wouldn’t hurt to know some things before you’re popping them. Watch the video below or just take a quick glance at some of the key facts listed following the jump. Remember, rave it safe. — Jessica Wunsch

The Straight Facts: 
-MDMA was first concocted as an appetite suppressant
-In the 70’s, the drug was used to aid psychiatric treatment
-Side effects of MDMA include cushings syndrome and adrenal cancer
-Lethal dose of MDMA is roughly 4.2 grams
-In the Netherlands, ecstasy is on average 83 percent MDMA; in the U.K., it’s 49 percent

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