Threads: Tangies Goes From Cannabis Cups to Cannabis-Inspired Clothing Line

Don and Aaron, founders of D&A Genetics, have been winning Cannabis Cups for the past 10 years thanks to their infamous strain of ganja, called Tangies. Yeah, they like toke, but they are taking toking to new levels: fashion.

Seeing the great success and popularity that came from the hybrid tangerine-seed marijuana, both Don and Aaron came up with an idea to create a clothing line after their champion winning strain. Tangies, is a clothing line that exudes a fresh new vibe and was created to camouflage your smoking habits. Tanks and t-shirts with sexy women and greenhouses, pot-inspired ocean waves and Tangie sunsets make up their Tangies collection.

“If someone is going to put pot on the clothing, why don’t the champions do it,” says Aaron. “It’s gotta be D&A.”

To satisfy your cannabis needs, check out their website here.