Trinidad James Rants About The ‘South Running New York’

Best wishes to Trinidad James. We hope he got out of NY safely last night.

The “All Gold Everything” rapper had some words about the music coming out of New York during his performance at The Converse Rubber Tracks show. Those who were backstage say that James was pretty subdued at first, but once he got on stage, he launched into a tirade about how ten people at the show will buy his album, even though it’s “the shit”. He went on to talk about how New York used to run rap, but now Atlanta runs New York.

The crowd fell silent in shock, and once news of his words hit Twitter, rap fans went nuts. After the show, James went on Instagram to clarify his actions: “When you say real shit people call it a melt down. That’s fine. The truth will set you free…#CrazyDeacon”.

Some people think the whole thing was a publicity stunt to generate some conversation about the rapper’s waning buzz. Others think he’s actually right. What do you think about Trinidad James’ comments? Watch the video and judge for yourself.

Trinidad said:

“You can’t tell me, or anybody here that’s a real f*cking hip-hop fan, that Kendrick Lamar was supposed to go platinum just this year. He’s been that f*cking good! But now, the n*gga that we been knew [was good] is coming and saying shit like he the king of New York. What is that? I remember when New York ran this sh*t, dog. When Dipset was f*cking turned the f*ck up! We were in Atlanta like, “Oh my God, I have to wear my bandana on tilt like Juelz.” What the f*ck happened, dog? Us in the South, us ‘bammas, we just did our own thing. But now we run y’all, musically. That’s crazy!”

“I’m not trying to start nothing, but if you want to do something we can do something because I don’t give a f*ck. I’m just being honest with you. I looked up to New York music. But now every n*gga that’s really popping out of New York, you might as well say he’s from Atlanta. He’s from Atlanta. Y’all got n*ggas that interview that are more popping than n*ggas that are rapping.”

He later took to Instagram to elaborate: “I said a lot tonight in NY and people are prolly gonna take the negative and run with it but my main purpose in life only is to take care of my mama and keep my shoe game on “30 million” . Other than that if I can inspire a young person to be the best person they wanna be along the way….then cool. Nothing else matters. #CrazyDeacon #BlackBatman