Tuesday App Review: Have You Tried The New Dating App Tinder?


Chances are you haven’t stumbled upon a more shallow, superficial dating app yet. Tinder doesn’t welcome any updates or personal notes about yourself. Essentially, the guy scrolling through your pics is judging you solely off of your looks (similar to being picked out in a bar or a party). There is a lot of pressure to capture six perfect pictures to best represent you; nothing too crazy, or too sexy. Since you can’t back up an image with words, perception of a pic plays a big role as to whether a guy likes you or not. You both have the option to reject or accept a match which is the only time you can connect with him. It’s a two way operation and both parties have to be interested.

When the “It’s A Match!” icon jumps across your screen—a message will appear indicating that the two of you can chat. It can be an instant ego boost.

Being Able To Connect On A Personal Level: C 

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