Turk Is Very Upset With The Hot Boys

Turk of the Hot Boys has decided to publicly air out some issues he has with Cash Money, specifically Baby, Slim, Wayne, and Mannie Fresh. Early in the summer, Turk did a radio interview in which he cited having creative differences with Wayne, but ultimately believed that his thing would go farther.

Now things are getting a little more personal. After spending nine years in prison for a weapons charge, Turk is going through some hard times. His father recently passed away, but his previous Hot Boys cohorts haven’t answered any of his calls since the tragedy. In the video that Turk released, he claims that the same thing happened when his brother died a couple years ago.

It seemed like everything was cool when the Hot Boys reunited for the 2 Chainz video for “Used 2″ recently, but things aren’t always how they seem. The details of the distorted relationship between Turk and the others are convoluted, but hopefully everyone can find a way to resolve this.