Uzo Aduba: Crazy Talented


Uzo Aduba-p189oh9eb8vqj1o9m1ll91iuq1h35Do you like getting glammed up?
Absolutely, I love it. It’s so much fun. Who doesn’t like getting dressed up? I love relaxed, clean, with like a touch of funk. I always have to wear something kind of funky. Even if it’s super chic with clean lines, I love a cool hairstyle, funky piece of jewelry or really cool shoe.

 Are you a fan of not wearing makeup while filming the show?
I am comfortable with it. I think in the beginning, I was like ‘Oh we’re on a TV show, we’re going to be looking fierce’ and it was like no, no makeup; we’re chopping everything down. But it’s really exciting because you don’t really see that happening on television and it’s this new way that women are getting represented. It just makes you focus on the work and the storytelling, because you can’t hide behind it.

Are you aware that Bantu knots are very “in” right now?
I know! I’ve been getting so many pictures sent to me on twitter like, ‘I got my crazy on.’  I’m like ‘oh my gosh…crazy knots!’ I wore that style for the entirety of the show and I love them. It’s easy, and quick like cool, funky halo.

Tell us about the OITNB audition process.
I read for Janay when I originally auditioned. Then I got a phone call afterwards and they were like, ‘We have some really great news. You remember that audition you went to for OITNB? Well, you didn’t get that part.’ I said, ‘And this is good news?’ [laughs]  And they’re like, ‘But they’d like to offer you another part—Crazy Eyes.’ Now that I’ve learned her and been in the part, it just feels so right.