VH1 Says TLC Biopic Was a “Fictionalized Portrayal”


With all the backlash the TLC biopic received, VH1 is no longer claiming the film was a correct portrayal. While fans were cheering for the cast and network for this movie, Peebles has been on a rampage to clear her image of a overworking-money hungry manager.

Earlier this week the groups former manager gave Wendy Williams her first exclusive interview after the movie’s premiere. In which her attorneys are demanding VH1 to remove all scenes in which her actions and statements deem false. Instead the of detracting the scenes, the network released a statement saying “the movie is a fictionalized portrayal of the development of TLC as told from the perspective of the members.”

Hopefully the latest statement will end the TLC vs. Pebbles war. If not stay tuned for more shots!