Vixen Chat: Beverly Bond Talks Black Girls That Rock, Tips on Being An Entrepreneur and Our Portrayal On Reality Shows


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What advice do you give to young black women who want to start their own businesses and take the entrepreneur route?

 I absolutely think it’s important to explore what it is they want to do. You have to be ready to invest your own time and money; so time management is important, figuring out how you’re going to invest your business is important, finding allies who believe in your mission and your vision is going to become important and making sure you have a plan. It needs to be a well thought out plan, and focus and vision. I think that’s what got me here; the passion, the focus and the mission.

How do you feel about black women portrayal in reality TV?

 I think there are many messages that are really dangerous and harmful to our young women, and harmful to the importance of sisterhood. I find that women can be your best allies, and if you teach girls at a young age that women are your enemies and you have to fight them, do you know all of the resources there about to lose by taking this approach towards women?

 Do you watch shows like Basketball Wives?

 I have seen it in the past, I don’t know what’s happening right now. I do try to make sure I’m aware of what’s happening in the world because I don’t like to speak on what I don’t know but actually I’ve been so busy in my own world, I don’t know what’s happening. Why, something new? [laughs!]

Nothing new at all! You’re not missing out! But who are some female artists out now that you think rock? Who motivates you of our generation?

I didn’t think so! Artistically, I think Janelle Monae is a great example of a black girl that rocks. She’s so passionate about her craft and her art. She has meaning in message behind her work. Beyonce’s work ethic is incredible, Jill Scott and Ledisi. Love Kerri Washington and Regina King. There are so many great women.

Are there any other projects you have coming up?

 I’m constantly working on creating. I do have other television projects that I’m working on. I just inked a new deal with BET and part of that is a development deal so I’m excited about that. You guys are actually the first to know that! Also, just expanding the BGR programs and empowering more girls and expanding our camps, there’s just so many things in the works for this.