Vixen Chat: Christina Milian Talks DWTS Elimination, Business Ventures, and Engagement


Christina Milian

Vixen: I know you just got eliminated from Dancing With The Stars, but you’re still steady going in your career.
Christina: It all somehow pans itself out, even being a mommy. I guess I’m so excited about it, I don’t realize how much it is. Like literally when I put it all on my calendar and somebody ask me about doing something, I’m like I can’t do that. I have someone talking to me about going on vacation for free, I literally don’t have the time to do that and I kind of don’t want to because I know something’s going to come up on that day and I don’t want to miss out on anything important. Right now there’s no time to rest, while everything is going well and the ball is rolling.  I just want to make sure I can achieve as much as I can before the new year begins.

How was getting prepared for DWTS?
It was so much fun. It would be 5 hours a day, the challenge would be each week overcoming the hurdle of “I have to learn this, I can’t get this” to it’s stuck in your memory to next thing you know it’s the live show. I had a great time doing it because regardless of me being a performer in my music and film career, I was actually really nervous to do this. That’s exactly why I did it because I wanted to attack that fear of being nervous or being judged. I just had a lot of fun and I got really close to them, I made some good friends with the cast.

Yeah I see that you’re still supporting everybody.
Yeah I really do miss them. The day that I got eliminated I cried because I was having so much fun and on top of that I felt like I was saying bye to my family. It’s weird that we’ve only been working together for two months, but we were all going through the same thing.

How was it flipping sides and becoming a contestant?
On the hosting side I’d get nervous being that it’s live on TV. Being in that place, it’s not too bad. People really started to look out for me, campaign for me, tweet for me, and vote for me. I really started to feel the love. When I got to the moment I wasn’t nervous anymore, I was enjoying the moment.

What’s one thing you’re going to miss and one thing you’re really happy to get back to?
One thing I’ll miss the most is getting in good shape from dancing [laughs]. I lost 9 pounds from doing the show, and I was getting really firm. I’m glad to get back to having time for my household and my daughter.

She is the cutest little thing in the world. How do you manage spending time with her but also continuing your dream?
She’s like my best friend. If I was working or having a meeting, I brought her everywhere with me and still to this day even though I can’t bring her to everything with me I still try to take her to as much stuff as I possibly can. I like to make sure we have our special bonding time. She makes me feel really special. 

Does she know that her mommy’s a celebrity?
Yes she knows and she knows her dad is too. She loves it. When she sees me on television she wants me to play it again and again. She studies it because after that she’ll either take the lines, the dance, or the music, and she’ll repeat it all over again back to me. Violet has a crazy memory and she’s definitely mesmerized with my performances. She knows her mom is an entertainer so it makes it easier for me when I’m going to dance or sing in the studio at least she knows what I’m doing so then it excites her when she gets to see it on television.

How supportive is your fiancé?
Jas is extremely supportive. He and I are like brother and sister. He grew up in a family where his father was in the entertainment business, the music business, so he’s very understanding of my career and he’s also really great with my daughter and we have a really great relationship. It works for me because believe me if it didn’t we would not be in it.

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