Vixen Chat: Christina Milian Talks DWTS Elimination, Business Ventures, and Engagement

Christina Milian

It seems that everything in your life is working out perfectly.
I never thought this would be the blueprint in my life. It’s great to be here and see what it’s like when you relinquish all control and recognize your opportunities, what’s in front of you, and kind of live life in the moment. When I was younger I would hear a lot of people comparing and I got sucked into that kind of thinking. You have your own story and your own path and amazing things can happen. [Jas and I] have a really cool relationship, we annoy each other but we also work together, he and I are also co-owners of platinum hookahs. He and I have a business together which is cool because we’re able to oversee something together and have something we can relate to when it comes to business from the beginning.

How do you separate business and your relationship?
Business comes up and we discuss it. At the end of the day, you can’t linger on stuff and we have to come to a solution on things.  We put our minds together and we also have too other partners that we work with. I can’t help it I like to know everything and what’s going on. I handle a lot of the phone calls, the emails, and business and ideas. Luckily all the guys trust me and it hasn’t steered us wrong so far. We stay on each other to make sure everyone’s working equally and we’re all doing our share to make sure that it succeeds because you can’t lose track on something you put so much energy into. There are moments we talk about business but after that we cherish the normal stuff. I learned a lot about that. In the past my mother managed me for a long time and sometimes if its business and everything turns back to business it can be really hard on the relationship so I learned my lesson when it comes to that.

How did the hookah venture come about?
I like regular hookah for years. This past year it became very popular especially right before the summer. At the top of the year I had tried an electronic disposable hookah company because I seen somebody else on Instagram with it. I was puffing on it in the studio but my throat was hurting and I started to get a headache but I didn’t realize. But I felt so cool doing it and everybody kept asking me about it so I kept doing it. I kept going to the store because everybody wanted mine or asked me to pick them up one because instead of them picking it up themselves. I found out on one of the trips I made that the one I was smoking on had nicotine and I know that they have them without nicotine and the difference is 1000% better. My throat wasn’t hurting and I wasn’t getting a headache. Also I was spending a $100 dollars to by 10 of them so I was like why am I giving these out? Why don’t we research this and come up with our own company? So he and I did the research and eventually got together with our partners. God placed us at the right place at right time. 

Are you involved in every part of the process?
Absolutely, including the money. I invested a lot of money into it you know. Some people are afraid to even spend their own money. If you have a passion, don’t stand and wait because it’s bad when you see somebody else do it and you could have been that person.

Photo Credit: Carell Augustus