Vixen Chat: Christina Milian Talks DWTS Elimination, Business Ventures, and Engagement

Christina Milian

How did Viva Diva Wines come about?
I went to this gifting suite that I wasn’t even supposed to go to and ended up meeting Robyn on behalf of Viva Diva. It’s funny because I admire people like Puff Daddy or Bethenney, you see all these different people succeeding in different avenues. So I ended up meeting Robyn and I was drinking [Viva Diva] and it was really good and she was just like “you should represent our line” and I was like “uhh yeah, absolutely”.

How has it been since you’ve become apart of the company?
We’re doing really well. We just got picked up in Wal-Mart, we’re at different states, and everyday we’re making progression, which is awesome. We do these bottle signings where I go to different liquor stores and the fans come out and I get to meet them in person, which is really cool. We’ve gone to places like Delaware, New Orleans, and Philly and I’m actually getting to reach out to the people. It’s really exciting and I love it because I personally love wines.

As far as music, will we be hearing anything soon?
I hope to have a single out before the end of the year.  I actually have to go to my label and play them all the music I’ve been working on. I just wanted to wrap up some of these songs here so I had to make some time to make sure I got it done.

Last question, with all you have going on will there be wedding bells soon?
[Laughs] I need some time. It takes money too and I’m not excited about that part. I’m like “can we just have a party or something?”

Big or small or it doesn’t matter?
He has a really big family and I never got to do it big, so when that happens I’ll probably do it big this time.

Photo Credit: Carell Augustus