Vixen Chat: Katlynn Simone Talks ‘The Game’ and Her Music Career [Video]



If you’re a fan of The Game we’re sure you have opinions on Jason and Kelly’s daughter, Brit Brat. During the show’s hiatus, Brittany drastically changed into a much older and more disrespectful character. “A lot of people think she’s just a bratty kid but she’s got a back story and you’ll see that this season,” Katlynn Simone says about her characters development this season.

Unlike her fictional self, Katlynn and her relationship with her co-stars is quite the opposite, “I’m just so blessed and honored to work with [Brandy]. I never thought I’d be working with someone I grew up with.” The humble and multi talented 18 year old is excited for this upcoming season now that her musical and acting abilities are getting more shine. If you remember earlier this year, the actress debuted her second single, “Beautiful Lie” during her shows episode. VIBE Vixen caught up with the emerging star and asked what it’s like working on The Game, her budding music career, and how she manages everything at only 18 years old.