Vixen Chat: Katlynn Simone Talks ‘The Game’ and Her Music Career [Video]



What’s your relationship like with Coby [Bell], I know you two don’t get along on-screen?
It’s like your uncle your friends with but he’s also protective of me. On set people will ask how old I am and he will say 14—I’m not 14—but he just has this age that he met me at and he doesn’t think that I’ve grown since then. He thinks I’m 14 years-old permanently. He’s very protective, very fun to work with, and very helpful. I learn from him every single time I work with him.

I know Brittany [Daniel]’s back on for next season.
Yeah we have a lot of surprises this season and a lot of people will be surprised about that.

Will we see more of  Brit Brat’s personal struggles?
Yeah we haven’t really gotten [a chance] to go inside Brittany’s story but I think a lot of people will see that it’s relatable and they’ll try to feel bad for her this season. A lot of people think she’s just a bratty kid but she’s got a back story and you’ll see that this season.

How similar or different are you from your character?
I like to think I’m very different [laughs]. My family is very stable and happy. My parents are together and I don’t have any of those issues. Brittany has to deal with her dad being famous. Fame we know can tear a lot of people down and I don’t have any of those issues now and I hope I will be a little more humble than she is.

How supportive is your family.
They’re really supportive. I started this at the age of 10 so any ten year old in the business has to have a really supportive family. Now I just moved to California and my parents are supporting me still, their actually still in Houston. It’s hard not having them around because I’m used to them being there every single time but they’ve always been a major part of my life.

How do you balance school and work?
It’s very difficult, I don’t want to lie and say that it’s easy but I just take it and try to get everything that I can. Prioritize and that’s where my family comes in because they help me keep a schedule. That’s really what helps me out, my family.

You have an amazing voice, which I did not know. What made you do acting first or is that something that just happened?
It kind of just happened because I believe I was begging my parents for vocal lessons every single Christmas and birthday. I got into that, I was going a little vocal studio out here in Houston and that was what I was really concentrating on but I was very shy. So my mom asked around because she thought some stage work would open me up and I started doing work at some local theaters out here and I found out that I loved that as well. It’s so different from music but at the same time so alike. It helped me out and I just fell in love, I went out on auditions and I ended up getting The Game and that took off and people know didn’t that I was a singer. I think it was my voice that got me the role. Robi Reed heard me sing and that kind of stood me out from all the other people auditioning.

How it is working with Brandy? Do you ever talk to her about singing?
Yes, Brandy is amazing. We were on set and she started singing a song and I started a harmony under my breath and she went crazy. It’s just so amazing because I remember growing up watching Cinderella on repeat—I’ll make her sing the songs from Cinderella on set. I feel like it’s unreal when she starts singing, it’s just like the movie, her voice is phenomenal. I’m just so blessed and honored to work with her. I never thought I’d be working with someone I grew up with.

Photo Credit:  Todd Spoth