Vixen Chat: Katlynn Simone Talks ‘The Game’ and Her Music Career [Video]


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I know your music is on the soundtrack for some episodes. Will we hear you sing during the season?
I’m actually in the dark. We get our scripts every single week so I don’t know what’s coming up yet but that would be really, really cool. I know their always open for me sharing my music on the soundtrack but we’ll have to see if Brittany has music in her. I don’t know about that.

How was it the first time you heard your music on TV?
It was crazy. I think it’s crazier than making a music video because watching these people act with my song in the background and it fit so well, I don’t know. I guess just watching the show it’s just amazing to hear my voice in the background.

Which one is more surreal?
The first time I saw my face on there I couldn’t believe it was real but I have to say hearing that song in the background was probably more crazy for me.

Do you see yourself stepping aside from acting and just focusing solely on your music career?

It’s really important to prioritize and you can’t do both full force so there would be a time I would have to take a little bit of a break and go easy on one. I think that may be a possibility if I’m putting together my album or on tour, I might not be able to go and do a show at that same time. It’s a possibility but I hope I’m able to do both as much as I can.

Was your debut single “Let Me Go” inspired by an ex?
Yes it was, my second single was inspired by that—it not necessarily my exes, I talk to my friends all the time and they inspire my writing. Whenever I go into the studio I tell the producers my stories that happen and try to contribute that. So it’s either one of my exes or one of my friends exes. It’s all girl talk that made it happen.

What can we expect from them?
I think it’s going to be awesome. I’m really excited about these next tracks I’m about to release. People are going to want to dance to them. I think people are going to love it. Next I have a track that I think people may even cry about because it’s really amazing. We also wrote it about some real life experiences, very relateable. I can’t wait to get those to you as well.

Are you going to do an EP first or go straight to album?
Yeah, we’re going to do an EP first and you can expect to have that out by January. I’m so excited because people have been asking about it since they heard me on The Game. I got more word out that I’m singing and people have been asking for the EP. Their kind of upset they have to wait until January. I’m trying to make it as perfect as possible because it’s my first singing project so I want people to really know who I am and we’re I’m coming from.

If you could work with any one celebrity, who would that be?
Musically, I really want to work with Kendrick Lamar. I really love what he has to say, the message, and we’re he’s coming from. It seems like he really wants it. As far as acting goes, one of my favorite actors of all time is Robert Downey Jr. I think he’s one of the best out.

What’s your personal style?
My mother likes to say sometimes I dress homeless because I love big sweaters, boots, hats; I’m a hat girl.  I wear them as much as possible. I’m laid back so any big or grungy sweater. You won’t catch me with anything without a heel because I’m really short. I’m like 5’1”-2”.

Aww you’re really little, what are two other interesting facts people would be surprised to learn about you?
I’m part Hawaiian and Portuguese. I love to cook, I bake and cook all the time. If I wasn’t going for music or acting, I would become a chef.

With all that cooking, how do you stay in shape?
My dad is addicted to the gym so he would not let his children be out of shape. I’m very blessed to have a family that started us off with healthy eating and staying in shape, it’s just been apart of our lifestyle.

As far as relationships are you single or taken?
I’m single, having a relationship in this business is stressful, you don’t have time for it, you have to focus on a person and your career and right now I’m really trying to focus all the way on my career, I want to give people the music that represents me and to be able to give my all in every single film or show I’m working on so it’d be unfair to whatever guy I’d be talking to at the time.

What qualities in a man do you like?
I like a man who has his own dreams and goals and he wants to express them. Anybody with that ability to know what they want is attractive to me. Even my friends, I like to hang around people who know what they want and are going after it. I come from the south and my dad is like the perfect guy and I want a guy who would be loved by the parents and all that kind of stuff.

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