Melissa De Sousa on ‘Best Man Holiday’: This Movie is Resetting The Bar—It’s Not Always Some Ghetto Ass Story


Melissa De Sousa

Best Man Holiday is finally here and worth the 14 years wait. Every character—good or bad—takes you through a world wind of emotions. One in particular is Shelby, Julian’s ex played by Melissa De Sousa. We hated the she-devil in the first movie with her over–the-top bossy attitude and insensitivity. But the second go at it, she’s a changed woman. While she succeeds financially, she fails in finding the intangibles in life. Instead of completely hating her, we actually sympathize with the bitter ex.

Melissa talked to us about her character’s flaws and all, “I wanted them to see that she was human because a lot of people think she’s one note and she’s just this bitch.” However as the actress revealed, “she has other things going on that people don’t know about and she acts out in this way.”

While Shelby doesn’t mesh well with most of the fictional characters, her real-life persona is close to everyone—even Regina Hall.  The cast is one big family and this story is something she thinks would raise the bar on black film storytelling.

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Photo Credit: Christian Arias