Melissa De Sousa on ‘Best Man Holiday’: This Movie is Resetting The Bar—It’s Not Always Some Ghetto Ass Story

Melissa De Sousa

VIBE Vixen: How has everything been
Melissa De Sousa: It’s been a world wind but it’s been really amazing and everything’s been really fun and I’m just really excited.

I saw the screening and I think this is actually better than the original.
A lot of people are saying that. I have such fond memories towards the first one, so it’s hard; it’s like kids when you have babies, you can’t really like one more than the other.

What made you want to get back on board after being so many years since the first one?
It wasn’t really hard. He’s a good director and he wrote a great script and great character for me [to play]. It’s one of those roles that comes around once in a career but it’s fun and it just jumps off the page. To have a chance to play her again and be even bigger and badder then the first time, of course I would love to play her again.

How similar or different are you to Shelby?
Shelby knows what she wants and she goes after what she wants. I can say I’m like that. I’m very committed to when I want something and going towards it and working for it. She just goes about things in a different way then I would. She’s that inside part of me, or anyone, who gets to say or do whatever she wants and not give a shit about what anyone thinks. I would love to do that every once in a while but I definitely wouldn’t do it her way, you wouldn’t keep to many friends around like that.

You and Regina Hall are enemies in the movie, how are you on set?
We’re buddies. Me, her and Sanaa [Lathan] always go out to eat. When we were in Canada we all were staying in the same building and we would get together and have The Voice parties because it would come on in Canada like four times a day. We would always get together and eat or try not to eat [laughs].

Would you say your chemistry with the cast off screen is what made you guys have great chemistry on the screen?
Yes, totally. When [Malcolm Lee] got us together and asked us to go to dinner and we went it was like seeing old friends and family as well. It was like a family reunion out there. Sometimes you have moments when you’re in a TV series and you have these cast members and things are cool with some people and not cool with others. It’s very rare that you can get nine people together and they all have their own careers in their own right and their own names and still love each other. We more then like each other, we love each other; I really love these people they’re my family. We all get along and sometimes we have minor play fights but nothing ever real.

You can tell.
It’s really real. Terrence and I, he’s like a brother to me. Sometimes he’ll pull my hair and I’ll be like ”Terrence, stop it” and stuff like that. It’s just fun I love them.

On screen you and Terrence have this love hate relationship but you’re very similar.
We always say that, Terrence says he’s the male version of me and I’m the female version of him. It’s like two magnets because we’re the same but it’s like friction. It’s like I’m damned if I’m with him and I’m damned if I’m without him.

Who is the prankster on set?
Regina is hysterical. Obviously you see how many sequels she has, she has like 20 sequels [laughs] coming out. She’s very gifted with comedy and she’s just funny in person. When we were doing our scene when we weren’t getting along it was like “alright stop” because I was going to laugh. She’s naturally funny, definitely the funny girl.

Photo Credit: Christian Arias