Melissa De Sousa on ‘Best Man Holiday’: This Movie is Resetting The Bar—It’s Not Always Some Ghetto Ass Story

Melissa De Sousa

Do you like Shelby’s role in the sequel or the original?
I will go with the second movie because I feel like it’s further developed and a more well rounded character. I really wanted them to see that she was human because a lot of people think she’s just this bitch. Even from the first movie, I still built in the back of my mind that she may be a bitch but she’s a bitch for this reason, this reason, and this reason. She has other things going on that people don’t know about and she acts out in this way. But this time you get to see why.


With your character it was like what we seen didn’t need to be said.
Yeah because she doesn’t show her vulnerability in front of others; it really hit her hard because the only reason she was still around these group of people was because of Mia. You heard them say why is she even here, but their sorority sisters, [Mia’s] like her girl. Mia’s like an angel, she keeps this group together.

How is Monica Calhoun?
She’s an angel in real life; she’s just a really kind person. I have not seen someone like this before. I’m like “are you real”? I never see her get angry, snap at anyone, it’s like are you perfect or what. She’s had a lot of challenges in her life as well but she’s always an angel to me. I refer to her as that.

What impact do you think this movie will have for black films and films in general?
I hope it had the same impact it had the first time. I feel like the first time we were seeing a lot more of the stereotypical films, where they have to be dancing and joking. He told a real story, a story that was universal. It didn’t have color to it. When you read the script, if you didn’t know, they didn’t have to be Black. Maybe this coming out again is resetting the bar again, like reminding audience that this is really how a lot of African American’s live. We’re regular people, it’s not always some ghetto ass story. It’s real people and good filmmaking. All these other movies that have come out this year are really good movies but this is an everyday modern story that will remind people that you can have a film that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Are you hoping for a third movie?
Why not? This has to do well though. It’s important that everyone go see it. That’s where they base whether they’re going to make a third one or not but if there’s a calling for it and they ask me to come back I surely wouldn’t hesitate. It’s a special group of people.

If you could define Best Man Holiday in one word, how would you define it?
Roller coaster. You go through the whole gamut of emotions in this movie. You start out on a roller coaster and you’re just riding along and all of a sudden there’s a dip of laughter and all of a sudden there’s a quick drop that you don’t expect. It’s like up again and down again, I think it’s all over the place this movie. It’s unexpected turns, I had some people tell me “I think I know what the secret is” but it’s not always the right one.  I think he does a good job by keep us in a surprise.

Photo Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic