Vixen of the Day: Gabrielle Ashai

Vixen of the Day:  Gabrielle Ashai Vixen of the Day: Gabrielle Ashai

Age: 22

Location: Washington, DC

Occupation: Freelance model and fine artist

Style: Afro punk

Beauty Fave I Can’t Live Without: Cypher MAC lipstick– I cannot leave the house without a dark lipstick!

Inspired By: My mother, Audra and God-mother, Verlinda

A Vixen is… A woman that exudes confidence in the look they give, the way they walk and in the work they do. She doesn’t let trials and tribulations defeat her, but instead she uses them as a stepping stone to better become the amazing person she set out to be. A vixen is never loud or boastful when they speak, but their presence is always known.

Photo Credit: Helena Banks