Vixen Review: Solange’s Compilation CD ‘Saint Heron’


Solange is not only our girl-crush next door, she’s mainstream music’s unconventionally cool mistress. So when she recently announced her latest title as HBIC of her very own label, Saint Records, it certainly wasn’t a shocker. Yesterday the imprint dropped its first jewel, Saint Heron and it’s already dominating our office playlist. Solo had our best interest at heart when she compiled this 12-track album, which spotlights a lineup of up-and-comers who deserve some serious shine. The compilation is a definite breathe of fresh air; a true break from the trap and twerk tracks we’ve been bouncing to lately.

The album flows with lyrical lounge music and mellow melodies—the perfect sexy time score or hookah-huffing soundtrack. Emotions bleed through BC Kingdom’s “Locked UP” and Jhene Aiko’s “Drinking and Driving.” India Shawn’s “I’m Alive,” Solange’s “Cash In” and Kelela’s “Go All Night” explore girl problems and sensuality. Cassie, Starchild, and Kingdom will get your Beats knocking with their head-nodding tracks. Thought-provoking songs are brought to you by Jade De LaFleur’s “Jaded” and Sampha’s “Beneath the Tree.” Petite Noir and Iman Omari conclude the sonic journey with funky, feel-good tunes “Norise” and “Energy.”

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