Vixen Vent: Can You Re-Invent The Past? The Issue With The Lil’ Mama’s Performance

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one disturbed by the catastrophic remake of TLC.

Something was a little off with the girl power performance at last night’s (November 24) AMA’s. And it came in the form of a 5’2 “lipgloss be poppin” rapper. The two original members, Chili and T-Boz, brought out an unexpected guest who’s been building quite a rep for bringing havoc to timelines, winning awards and high criticism for most awkward stage presence.

Specifically THIS guest, who had her shot at playing Left Eye in the VH1 TLC biopic, somehow forgot that although she possesses an uncanny resemblance to her doppleganger, Lisa, she was not, is not nor will ever be respected enough to re surge the scene in something as close to a left eye inspired outfit.

And it may not have been Lil Mama’s fault. I’m sure a part of last nights disturbing performance was a collaborative effort to re-invent the past. Maybe applauding and praising her for a job well done channeling Left Eye (for strict cinematic purposes) took this all WAY too far.  Are we to blame for the idea of having the beloved Left Eye re-incarnerated in the body and moves of a Lil Mama? Quite sad to watch that go down.

Not only was the rapper completely winded by keeping up with the whole Left Eye spiel during last nights performance, but she failed to master iconic dance moves alongside two energetic forty somethings. The entire presentation was eerie in itself.

The death of Left Eye will probably never get easy for both Chili and T-Boz. It’s apparent that they struggle with moving forward, and for that our hearts are with them. Nonetheless, I hope emotions doesn’t result in bad decision making that will jeopardize the legacy and reputation of what we’ve grown to love about the group. Last thing we need are TLC “left eye” memes to transition their legacy into mockery. We could be jumping ahead by thinking this will happen again—do you think that they can re-invent the past Vixens?