Vixen Vent: Should You Follow Your Man On Social Media?


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Remember when Facebook relationship status’ pledged it’s allegiance to the one you loved? Switching from “single” to “taken” was a celebratory moment and a progressive leap into a whole new relationship territory; it was the day you and your man stopped avoiding the dangers of the big-bad word: commitment.

Give us the public platform to pretty much say and do whatever it is we want, and we will; no filter attached. So when it comes to being in a relationship, is it wise to follow your man on Twitter and Instagram knowing that boundaries DO NOT exist?

TheGrio sat down with Love and Hip Hop’s, Tahiry and Joe Budden, discussing, well…arguing over Budden’s hardcore social media presence; pretty much proving that following any guy you’re in a relationship with, is a recipe for diasaster. Imagine finding out the guy you’re dating is one of  those cyber creeps who frequently likes the booty pics on IG, or the type to tweet about suspect late nights that you didn’t know about?

When the social media monster presented itself to me, I wasn’t prepared for it. I dating a guy for 2 years, until I found out his Facebook page was a home for the misguided, fatherless girls who’d do anything for some attention. And once I was in, I couldn’t get out. I became addicted to his responses and awaited the moment to have the inevitable “this isn’t working,” talk.

Whether the relationship is fresh or deep in, the fear of finding out about all of his weird fetishes, crazy ex’s and personal views on women, should cause any woman to hesitate over the “follow” button. Do you trust your man enough to be apart of his social media life?

Listen to what Joe and Tahiry had to say about their relationship and the affects of social media after the jump!