VV Must Have For Your Guy: Dwyane Wade’s New Sock Collection


D wade sock collection

Tired of your man’s whack socks? Miami Heat baller Dwyane Wade is set to launch a line of socks just in time for your holiday shopping. The socks are brightly colored, super comfy, and were crafted in partnership with Stance.

“The reason I started even loving socks to the point I was trying to wear something different is that it’s something people don’t see,” Wade said to the HuffPost. “You look at people and you see what’s on the outside, but you don’t see what’s on the inside as a human. It’s the same thing with socks: Until I walk or take a step or until I sit down, [you don’t see my socks]. And then once you see it, you get a different thought of my personality, and you start thinking, ‘Who is this guy really?’ I love it, I look at guys’ socks all the time because it changes what you see about them.”

Jump the page to see the entire collection, and head to Stace to make your purchase!

Photo Credits: Stancex