Q&A: Waka Flocka Flame Talks New Mixtape, Touring The World And Rappers On Social Media

Atlanta native Juaquin Malphurs, better known as rapper Waka Flocka Flame, is one of the very few lyricists that has navigated both the rap and EDM world. He’s just dropped his latest mixtape From Roaches To Rollies and is still fresh from a late-night gig alongside Steve Aoki, Pharrell Williams and Borgore at New York’s Pier 94.

Waka has also made some personal changes after recently proposing to long-time girlfriend Tammy Rivera, who is the latest addition to the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast. He has also deaded ties to one of his former rap comrades Gucci Mane after becoming one of the more prominent targets of Gooch’s Twitter tirade a few months back. But, no matter where success takes him, whether it’s in the mouths of other MCs or on a worldwide tour, he never forgets to go back to the struggle that made him.—Megan Saad

You rap about the struggle and named your new mixtape From Roaches To Rollies. The young Twitter generation these days seem to be constantly onto the next one when it comes to music releases. What do you want new fans to take away from your mixtape?
Waka Flocka Flame: My new mixtape is to let people know that the rich got their own struggle, everybody struggles. It’s just levels to it. It’s like a transition you know? I came from nothing really to something; I came from the gutter to making the gutters. I just gave it that underground look. I go back to what I know: that straight underground, raw, uncut street shit. I ain’t looking for no single. I ain’t trying to have twerking, popping bottles and shit, [just] underground hood shit.

What is your favorite club banger at the moment?
Some shit called “OG Bobby Johnson.” It’s hard [by] an artist named Que Gotti. That shit fire. (Raps) “Word on the street I’m a suspect/ hanging with the killers in the projects.” That’s some crunk shit. Hard as fuck.

You’ve recently been touring all over the world. What has been your favorite country to visit so far?
My favorite country is Spain and Austria. That was live. I couldn’t see [any of the local artists] when I got there. I had to do a show and go to the hotel and party but that shit was turned up and Barcelona? Man that shit just different, the smell of it, the food, the people, the delivery. Turned up, that’s some Spring Break shit. If you want to go on Spring Break, go there. Barcelona is popping!

What is your favorite thing about being engaged? Have you guys set a date yet?
My favorite thing about being engaged is your partner knowing what you want. For us, we love going out to eat. That’s like our favorite shit. Tasting food, drinking different wine, that shit is super fine for right now. STK in Atlanta that is one of our favorite [restaurants]. No, man [we haven’t set a date], not yet.

What made you and your boo Tammy decide to get involved with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta?
I got into it because my fiancé got into it. I definitely ain’t want no parts of it. She’s got a lot of things as a woman and as a person that she’s coming out with. So she’s just branding, starting it from right there.

I caught your Breakfast Club interview, are there any updates on Gucci’s situation?
Ain’t no updates, no worries. It don’t exist. You can see my face. Ain’t no need for no more talking, I don’t even want to talk.

Has your mom Debra Atney made contact with Gucci since his twitter rant?
I don’t even know, I don’t even ask about it. If she do, that’s between her. I ain’t talking to him. I’m good.

Rappers normally delete their twitter accounts once shit hits the fan. What would be your advice to rappers handling their social media habits?
Damn them niggas lame. Nah, that ain’t me. What it is about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any social media, don’t let that shit be personal about how your life is. It’s social media. That ain’t supposed to be inside your emotions, your feelings. That’s a personal thing.

What’s next for Waka Flocka? Any updates on when Flockaveli 2 is dropping?
Never been [to Africa before] so I’ll be in West Africa in December. Can’t wait to go, and South Africa picked up some dates. You know imma go hard. Music-wise I just dropped the mixtape Roaches to Rollies. I’m finna come out with Flockaveli part 2 at the top of the year. I’ve got a label Brick Squad Monopoly and I’m going to drop a compilation CD with them. From therem the rest is history. Man, I’mma go hard. Go motherfucking crazy!

Check out From Roaches To Rollies Below.

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