Watch: Denver Nuggets Mascot Faints While Descending From Rafters

Maybe he had too much fun on Halloween? Maybe it’s because mountain lion mating season is fast approaching? Maybe it was the high altitude? Whatever the reason, Rocky the Mountain Lion, the Denver Nugget’s mascot, fainted will descending from the rafters during the opening of Friday night’s Nuggets game against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Rocky’s limp body hung in the harness as he came down from the ceiling, and, once upon the ground, he collapsed to the floor. The spotlight quickly shifted focus to the Nuggets cheerleaders, but not before the creepiness was caught on camera, as it was the Nugget’s home opener. During the game, the Nuggets announced that Rocky was okay but would not be returning to the game. Turns out Rocky had the wind knocked out of him, according to the Nuggets.

By Saturday morning, Rocky had revived himself. “Feeling much better, #NuggetsNation! Thanks for your support. I hope to be back in action for 11/5 vs the @Spurs. Go @DenverNuggets!”

Without Rocky, the Nuggets lost 98-113 against the Trail Blazers.