Watch Eric Prydz ‘Epic 2.0′ Jaw-Dropping Concert Series


After three sold-out shows, Eric Prydz’ EPIC 2.0 is coming to a close in Chicago next week. The massive spectacle put forth by Prydz and his two trusty apostles, Jeremy Olander and Fehrplay lives up to the concert series namesake.

While Coachella uses 3D Holograms to resurrect Tupac, the visuals for EPIC 2.0 are set to enhance the music. Admittedly, a 3-D Pac sighting would certainly shock concertgoers, instead the show is rife with 120 minutes of animation customized to tell Prydz’ story.

“EPIC is something else, we’re expanding the narrative – it’s a concert show,” Prydz says. “With the holograms, the lasers and the visuals, I am able to tell a story on many different levels.”

Check out the below video, which displays the imaginative conceptualization and jaw-dropping execution of these events.

For those in Chicago, do not miss the opportunity to be a part something so EPIC. Get tickets here.