Watch: Hannah Horvath Awkward Returns In ‘Girls’ Season Three

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The first full-length trailer will have viewers thinking it is Season One all over again. While all of the “girls” are still works in progress, they seem happier than in contrast to the melancholy tone of Season Two.

Spoiler Alert: The ladies were all down-and-out at the end of Season Two.

The clip shows Shoshanna, Jessa, and Marnie navigating out of their not-so-early twenties with a varied degree of success. The new season of HBO’s hit series, Girls, does find Hannah in a pretty good place. Her relationship with Adam (Adam Driver) is going well and looks healthy, and she seems to be making some strides in her career.

We’ll let you get into the ins and outs of the Season Three trailer, which you can watch below:

A friend faked her own death to avoid talking to her? Lena Dunham’s character twerking on someone’s grave? Girls looks like it is trying to find a new, happier way to approach these captivating storylines.

Props: NY Daily News