Watch: Kanye West Skips The Fashion Talk On ‘Juan Epstein’ (Preview)


Kanye West hit Juan Epstein’s show this week to get all rap nerd on us, because Lord knows we don’t want to hear about more fashion. In this short preview of the whole interview (which drops next week), Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds asked ‘Ye a series of historical questions. Here’s some of what we learned:

- Kanye’s earliest production influence is No I.D., who combined Chicago and New York rap sounds together in his music
– Yeezy uses both the MPC and the ASR, a duality that’s somewhat uncanny amongst producers
– Kanye is more of a Pete Rock fan than a DJ Premier fan (though he’s also a fan of Q-Tip and RZA)
– When he was young, Kanye lived with a stepbrother who was a crackhead
– Kanye hung out with J Dilla often
– At the time of Blueprint, Kanye didn’t feel like his drums were hitting like Dre, Dilla, Swizz Beatz, or Pharrell
Yeezus is “an exercise in drums and mixes instead of an exercise in hit singles”
– He asked Timbaland and Pharrell to help him with the drums on “Stronger”
– Kanye met Michael Jackson at Lyor Cohen’s house and played him “Good Life”; Michael liked his singing voice and gave him confidence to sing more
– Kanye wanted to get on a Soundbombing compilation and Rawkus passed on signing him

And that’s just the preview. Tune in next week for the whole thing because it looks like one of the best music-oriented interviews ‘Ye has done in a minute.