Watch: Samuel L. Jackson Aim For A Safer Today In New ‘RoboCop’ Trailer

RoboCop will be a guilty pleasure to movie fans who still appreciate a bit of camp in their big-budget action flicks.

This remake of the 1987 film of the same name will find The Killing star Joel Kinnaman merging with machine to keep the street’s clean. Originally made famous by Peter Weller, this clip is reminiscent of the throwback version, as there’s lot of talk about the human conscience, free will, and plenty of gunfights and explosions.

You can watch it all unfold for yourself by pressing play below:

The trailer is pretty straight down the line in terms of action films. While it doesn’t wreak of Reaganism and its effects on the 1980s, RoboCop seems to take a page from a scarier, more recent book with the idea of drone policing.

Michael Keaton plays the OmniCorp executive, Samuel L. Jackson is a pro-RoboCop propaganda master, and Gary Oldman rounds out the ensemble as a doctor. What do you think of the redesigned RoboCop suit?

Directed by Brazilian director Jose Padilha, RoboCop, which was filmed mainly in Detroit, will capture a new audience’s attention when it hits theaters on February 7, 2014.

Props: NME