What Exactly is Blue Ivy’s Hair Supposed to Look Like?!


It has become an inevitable reality that every time I log into Twitter, I will see at least one person launching into an extended rant about why Jay Z and Beyoncé need to make Blue Ivy‘s hair more “presentable.” The tirades range from condescending shade (“It would be beautiful if Beyoncé could give her daughter’s hair as much attention as she gives her career!”) all the way to outright rage (“I wish I could call child protective services on them rich-ass bastards neglecting their daughter like that!”). Yet regardless of how frustrated people get, I’ve yet to hear anyone answer the one simple question I keep asking these folks time and time again: “Why does it matter what Blue Ivy’s hair looks like?”

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am a childless man who hasn’t spent one day of my life doing a little Black girl’s hair, and I am willing to admit that my knowledge of women’s hairstyles is as limited as my girlfriend’s knowledge of the zone blitz. However, I do feel my question is relevant. I’m not Curly Nikki, but I always thought the most important aspect of a child’s hair is its HEALTH, not it’s style. If I am wrong about this, please correct me because I honestly don’t know and am more than open to learning, especially knowing there’s a chance I might have a daughter someday.

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