When Twerking Goes Wrong: Chuckie Kicks Miley Cyrus Out Of VIP

Sorry Miley, we guess this is one situation you can’t twerk your way out of. At a Halloween party in L.A., the ‘wrecking ball’ grinder was kicked out of the VIP section after she had given Dirty Dutch DJ Chuckie the middle finger while he was on the decks.

What would cause the usually chill and nonchalant singer to act out? According to Chuckie’s Instagram, he made a light joke saying “Somewhere in America, Miley Cyrus is still twerking” after spotting her in the crowds. After she flipped the bird in response, Chuckie’s crew had her and her Lil Kim wig escorted out of the VIP section. The DJ apologized today on all his social media outlets writing: “I’m sorry Miley! Haha.. That show @createnightclub was hella fun anyway!”

Hmm, maybe he’s looking to make peace in hopes for a future collaboration? It worked for Borgore.