Why Black Girls Rock [Photos]



On Sunday (November 3) the annual Black Girls Rock Awards show aired on BET. Each year the show honors Black females who have broken barriers and allowed the existence of the black women to still stand strong in media and everyday life. This year the show honored Queen Latifah, Patti LaBelle, Mara Brock Akil, Venus Williams, Marian Wright Edelman, Misty Copeland, and Ameena Matthews. If you missed it, I’m sure it will come on again, but each performance and honoring moment was successful and well deserved. However with every triumph there is always negativity not too far behind. Unfortunately while the show was on television and a trending topic on twitter, another topic sparked a trend, #whitegirlsrock. Throughout the night, some twitter users using the hashtag gave opinions and asked questions of why African American woman were worthy of our own show. Well Vixens, we’ve put together a few reasons why black girls rock. Check them out after the jump!