10 Worst Celebrity Instagram Selfies

kim kardashian

Celebrities love to be loved—especially by themselves. They have taken over the “selfie” craze to a new level on Instagram and we can’t say we’re too surprised.  There’s no shame in following some of your faves and seeing what they’re up to but there’s some things we really wish we didn’t see. Here’s a list of some celebs whose selfies we’re still trying to get out of our minds.

10. Kim Kardashian

Her infamous sunglass tan line is hilarious, but we could do without the visual, thanks.

Photo Credit: pinterest.com

amanda bynes

9. Amanda Bynes

Who can forget this hot mess? Hopefully she got some of her issues under control but for a period of time, it was one thing after another. We know you went through a tough time and we feel for you, but some things are better left unsaid. No words necessary for this shot.

Photo Cred: twitter.com

chris brown

8. Chris Brown

We’re not sure if he’s trying to clean up his image or he just gave up. However, we aren’t impressed that you can smoke three blunts at the same time. Sorry, Breezy!

Photo Cred: pinterest.com

tyra banks

7. Tyra Banks

Tyra is not serving America’s Next Top Model with this photo. Still pretty, gorgeous, and we see her smizing, but still a complete unnecessary shot. Better luck next time.

Photo Cred: twitter.com


6. Beyonce

If there was ever a bad photo of Queen Bee, we think we got it. Her “pixie” had a ton of mixed reviews and this was a very bold move on her part. Make no mistake though, we still bow down!

photo credit: pinterest.com


5. 50 cent

Love the glasses—just not on him. Not sure what kind of mood he was in when he took this shot but we’ll always have this image in our head the next time we see or hear him anywhere. It’s simply too funny to be true.

Photo Cred: pinterest.com

snoop dogg

4. Snoop Dogg

If only we had the time on our hands to make faces out of pancakes. A day in the life …

Photo Cred: pinterest.com

tyler the creator

3. Tyler the Creator

What is it with rappers and tiny glasses? Apparently, no one got the memo..here’s another one to LOL at.

Photo Cred: pinterest.com


2. Eminem

Slim Shady and the Mona Lisa..pretty epic, right? We’re just not really sure if he’s trying to match poses or show off. A smile wouldn’t hurt, no?

Photo Cred: pinterest.com


1. Diddy

The Mona Lisa poses seem to be popular amongst the rappers. In this one Diddy is definitely showing off! We can hear you laughing from here.

Photo Cred: pinterest.com