Yandy and Rich Dollaz: Love And Hip-Hop New York’s Entrepreneurs

Although these two can’t be any more different, one thing that both Yandy Smith and Rich Dollaz can agree on is getting money together. The two have come together to start their own label, Lenox Ave Records and are embarking on a nationwide tour to scout for new talent. Vixen caught up with them and they dished on what they seek when looking for new talent, old friends, and the perfect woman for Richie. Peep the interview below to find out:

On qualities they look for in new talent:

Yandy: In this day and age its not just about talent, its about the full package, people want to believe in your culture, they want to believe in your movement, the way we feel when you walk in a room. Of course talent is first, talent is very, very important but you also have to be a viable act to sell, you have to look the role, you have to be able to carry a brand, we want you to be a brand ambassador, so its not just about your talent anymore, its about the complete package.

Rich: Yeah [laughs]. You gotta be everything, you gotta take advantage of everything around you and be relevant and make people buy in to who you are and what you’re doing, its not just about records anymore.

On their new label:

Yandy: Rich may be many things, but one thing he is great at is finding talent and cultivating that talent. He can take someone who can’t sing and and make a great record and that alone was enough for me to see ok I want to be in business with him, and I’m really good at connecting the dots, and I have a lot of relationships in this business. I can walk in to pretty much record label and be respected as a player in the game so I felt with my behind the scenes and Rich’s forefront with the music, that was a great combination.

Artists they wish they could have got their hands on:

Yandy: Drake. Lil Wayne. Nicki Minaj.

Rich: Nicki Minaj. You know what’s crazy, artists come and go so quickly but I actually had the opportunity to sit with Rich Homie Quan about three years ago, and it never really panned out, and now I turn on the radio and the kid’s everywhere getting 25 grand a night so yea I think I missed out on that.

Yandy: Let me tell you who came in me and Mona’s office., he was a little boy with his mom and Scooter Braun, Justin Beiber. Before he got the records, before he put out a song, he was a YouTube sensation. He came into our office, Mona til this day swears up and down he was not looking for a manager that Scooter just brought him over to say ‘Oh hey look at my new act,” but I really believe he came over because he wanted us to manage him and we just dropped the ball on it. Imagine if I managed Justin Beiber right now, you know what my life would be?

Reality stars they relate to the most:

Rich: With different reality shows everyone comes from a different place, a different region, I’m not from Atlanta so I don’t my story is like anybody’s down there. The person I most relate to is Rich Dollaz. I don’t know that there’s another one of him.

Yandy: I might be tooting my own horn a little bit but I like Nene a lot, I like that she was able to use reality TV as a platform to do so many other things, she started from the bottom and now she’s definitely on top, so if I was going to say anybody I would say her.