Yandy and Rich Dollaz: Love And Hip-Hop New York’s Entrepreneurs

rich dollazOn Rich’s relationship with Olivia:

Rich: We have a good relationship, I think Liv is a great talent, we’re still working together in a different capacity right now, if it’s things that come across my desk and I think she’s good for them I’ll forward them off and hope that she can win but I’m not managing Olivia anymore.

On Rich’s friendship with K. Michelle:

Rich: We actually didn’t get along previously, I was real good friends with Memphitz, and I think that was a little bit weird, but I’ve known K for years. I knew K when she was signed at Jive, but now we’re friends again and its cool.I don’t think we’ve ever not been friends I just think that there was some miscommunications, but it’s good now.

On Erica Mena’s coverup tattoo:

No reaction. I had been hearing about that tattoo getting covered up about four months previously to seeing it on Black Ink. The deal was either I got a tattoo or she was getting her tattoo covered up, and we all know I was getting a tattoo so she was definitely getting hers covered up.

On Rich being single:

Rich: I’m absolutely single.

Yandy: Single with five girlfriends! [laughs]

On their ideal mate:

Rich: I like beautiful women. I don’t have a specific thing where you can be like, “oh that’s Richie’s type.”

Yandy: She doesn’t have to speak English, she doesn’t have to have a job, she doesn’t have to have all teeth, toes, one foot is fine, and even seven toes on one foot.

Rich: That’s fine too. A pretty face and that’s it. If Yandy thinks she’s alright, I love her. She has to have all her teeth or a good dental plan where she’s got some nice dentures.

Yandy: He doesn’t’ mind if she doesn’t have all her teeth, he told me that before. [laughs]

Rich: I just like beautiful women. Latin women. Black women. European women. I just like women, just make sure everyone knows that I like women.

On what to expect from them this season:

Yandy: You’ll see me really being a mom, you’ll see me navigating through different businesses, you’ll also see me being the same old me where I’m kinda the same voice in crazy situations. I always end up in the midst of someone else’s crazy situation. You’ll also see me trying to balance being a career mom, just trying to be great at both. Rich and I are getting ready to go on a national tour, trying to find talent for our label, and we’re looking for the full package.

Rich: The new label, I started a modeling agency as well, its gonna be some ups and downs, some plate throwing, some arguments, some glasses throwing, you know the regular Richie Dollaz s**t. I’m a little bit cleaner this year, I’m not as bad as last year.

Photo Credit: ballertalert.com