10 Facts (So Far) About The Making Of ‘Beyoncé’


3. Beyoncé requested all black models for the “Yoncé” video.
“Beyoncé wanted to push that angle — that was her request and concept initially. I think any time you can promote a sense of community and unity and that is natural, you should,” the video’s director Ricky Saiz told New York. “All the girls are friends and it was so friendly and there was no ego on set. Everyone was so happy to be there. The girls were incredible. What a great cast. It was spontaneous and not at all contrived.”

4. But it was Joan Smalls’ idea to lick Beyoncé’s chest.
“We were going through takes and it was her and Joan and they were close. And Joan went for the lick and we got it,” said Saiz.

5. Justin Timberlake helped out with the “Yoncé” beat.
“I love it because it’s really organic,” said Bey in her doc. “The drumbeat was actually done in the studio by Justin Timberlake. He just started beating on this bucket.”

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