12 Things Rap Fans Want For Christmas This Year

Rap fans are in for a real treat this Christmas. Just like back in 2011, Fabolous is going to release a new mixtape, S.O.U.L. Tape 3, on Dec. 25. So when you get done opening all your other gifts on Christmas Day, you can go and unwrap one more in the form of a .zip file filled with punchlines and metaphors, courtesy of one of your favorite Brooklyn rappers.

Let’s hope that that’s not the only thing Santa brings rap fans this year, though. Because if you’re like us, there are a bunch of other rap-related things that you have on your Christmas list, too. What kinds of things? Here, we’ve listed the 12 things rap fans want for Christmas this year. We’ve finally crossed Detox off our wish lists (sorry, guys, but, at this point, not even Santa can perform that Christmas miracle!) but there are still lots of other things that rap fans want… —Chris Yuscavage

Photo Credit: Getty Images