20 Reasons 2013 Will Go Down As A Great Year In Music


Time goes by, puffing on la… and another year of rap is in the books. Hip-hop celebrated its 40th anniversary this year, a milestone not only impressive in length but also in growth. While dubstep and moombahton proved to be ephemeral phases of an ongoing pop music continuum, hip-hop has stayed true for four decades, and it’s arguably become the most popular form of music in the world.

Every year has its highlights, but lucky 2013 will undoubtedly go down as one of the best. Here, we break down 2013 by looking at some of the biggest moments of the year, from the coming of Yeezus to R&B’s reign to Jay and Dame’s surprise reunion. Check out the 20 Reasons 2013 Will Go Down as a Great Year in Music. —Max Weinstein

Photo Credit: Getty Images